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Title: Pilot Plant Scale Up / R&D Technician Location: Roxboro, NC Pay: $28 - $34 / hr based on experience. Position: Full-time Contract Position. Reports to the Cannabinoid Project Manager. Company: Nalu Bio is a biotech company creating a new category of chemistry-based cannabinoids for the consumer and pharmaceutical markets. Nalu Bio has developed a proprietary cannabinoid chemical synthesis platform that will set a new industry standard for pure, consistent, and quality cannabinoids. Our innovative chemistry will solve many of the quality and consistency issues that plague cannabis-derived products currently. We have a world-class team highly experienced in healthcare, chemistry, cannabinoids, consumer packaged goods, and drug development. The Role: We are seeking an energetic and experienced Pilot Plant Scale Up / R&D Technician to assist our team in the scale up and commercial production of our novel plant compounds. The ideal candidate will have practical experience in a cGMP manufacturing facility and / or R&D laboratory setting. Experience with chemical synthesis technology transfer from R&D to commercial manufacturing experience is preferred. Experience with purification techniques such as Chromatography / Distillation is a plus as well. The Ideal Candidate: BA or MS in Chemical Engineering or physical sciences (or equivalent). 1-5 years experience in cGMP manufacturing facilities related to pharma, biotech, or life sciences. R&D Chemistry / Laboratory experience is preferred. Tech Transfer Experience Process Development Distillation / Chromatography Experience Why It’s Great to Work Here We work at Nalu Bio because we want to elevate the quality, consistency, and reliability of cannabinoids on the market through chemistry. We are driven by the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids and we believe consumers and companies deserve safer, more reliable products that improve everyday life. Interested or know of a great candidate? Contact Luke Dickinson at

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