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Elevating the science of cannabinoids

Predictably performing cannabinoids to improve lives

This mission of Nalu Bio crystalized when co-founder Randall Ussery sought to help ease the burden of multiple sclerosis for his father.

"My dad was taking a regimen of drugs to modulate his chronic pain. Looking for alternatives, we tried CBD-based remedies. We saw some really positive effects, but it was completely inconsistent. We never knew what to expect— and this was the same product!"


Recognizing the potential of CBD to help others


The inherent inconsistency of hemp-based CBD was the catalyst that brought Randall together with co-founders Caitlyn Krebs (CEO) and Phyllis Whiteley, PhD, who shared Randall's passion for unleashing the therapeutic and commercial potential of an ultra-pure and consistent CBD.

As Randall researched CBD production methodologies, he discovered the inconsistency in therapeutic effect was just one of many drawbacks of hemp-based CBD. Environmental contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides could be extracted along with THC during the chemical process used to manufacture CBD. In addition, the large quantities of water, land, and energy required to produce just a small amount of CBD weren't sustainable for the growing marketplace demand.


Addressing the unmet need in CBD products


Meanwhile, Phyllis, a drug development operator with a 25+ year background in biotech, and Caitlyn, a commercial development professional with 20+ years of experience in the healthcare sector, began investigating the viability of organic synthesis as a means to produce CBD.


They enlisted Matthew Roberts, PhD, as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to help develop Nalu Bio's proprietary CBD platform with the company's group of experience advisors and take it to commercial scale.


With 25+ years of CTO experience in global consumer packaged goods companies including Nestle, Abbott Nutrition, Pharmavite — a Nature's Bounty Company — and Chromadex, Matthew contributed the critical scientific, operational, and regulatory expertise necessary to make the Nalu Bio vision a reality.

The Nalu Bio team pioneered the technology required to create ultra-pure CBD in a lab environment and partnered with manufacturing facilities to scale up the process.


Today - Nalu Bio Ultra-pure CBD is available to you.

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