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Predictably performing cannabinoids to improve lives

The Nalu Bio purpose was inspired by co-founder Randall Ussery’s quest to ease the burden of multiple sclerosis for his father.

"My dad was taking a regimen of drugs to modulate his chronic pain. Looking for alternatives, we tried cannabinoid-based remedies. We saw some really positive effects, but it was completely inconsistent. We never knew what to expect—even when re-purchasing the same product!"

Today there are 2 billion people globally suffering from pain, stress, sleep, and weight management issues that can be solved by our no-high cannabinoids that are consistent and reliable through our organic chemistry platform.


Recognizing the drawbacks of nature

2019 + 2020

After the 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the list of controlled substances, opening a federally legal pathway to bring cannabinoids to market, Randall joined forces with co-founders Caitlyn Krebs (CEO) and Phyllis Whiteley, PhD. Recognizing the inherent inconsistency of hemp-based cannabinoids, the trio rallied around a common goal: unlocking the commercial potential of reliably pure cannabinoids. Fueled by their shared vision, they raised a Seed Round and brought on a Chief Technology Officer, which enabled the initial development of a chemistry platform at R&D scale.


Continuing their journey, the team filed patents on their proprietary chemistry platform, defining the technology required to create chemistry-derived cannabinoids and derivatives. They also partnered with world-class scientists to validate that chemistry-derived cannabinoids were molecularly identical to the plant. Next, the team established a global supply chain through manufacturing partnerships with Grace Fine Chemicals and AMRI (now Curia Global)—proving that patented organic chemistry can scale cannabinoids—just like aspirin, vitamins, and caffeine. This achievement positioned chemistry-derived cannabinoids as the first new category in 70 years with the transformative potential to reshape global health and wellness.


Creating a global suppply chain for chemistry-derived cannabinoids


Diversifying their endeavors, the team successfully expanded their proprietary chemistry platform beyond CBD to encompass minor cannabinoids. Next, the team created its first library of compounds, featuring New Chemical Entities (NCEs) and derivatives. Rigorous bioassays were conducted, revealing promising potential across various therapeutic areas. A strategic partnership was forged with prominent cannabinoid distributor, Open Books Extracts (OBX), to commercialize rare cannabinoids like THCV, renowned for its potential to support mental focus and weight management. These advancements underscored their commitment to pioneering transformative solutions in global health and wellness.


At the beginning of the year, with a robust patent portfolio and pipeline of  cannabinoid products, the team closed a $12.5M series A round of funding, enabling team and product portfolio expansion. They continued to scale their platform, introducing multiple chemistry-derived cannabinoids, expanding their product offerings for CPG and therapeutic applications. Leveraging strategic partnerships, they successfully scaled up the manufacturing of THCV and manufactured two more minor cannabinoids at the pilot scale. Notably, the team designed a second library featuring 300+ NCEs for their therapeutics program. Demonstrating commitment to growth, key additions were made to the team, including a Chief Business Officer, Cannabinoid Manufacturing Manager, and Director of Drug Development. Furthermore, the team filed new patent applications, solidifying their dedication to innovation and intellectual property development.

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