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Title: Laboratory Manager Location: Vancouver, BC Position: Full-time. Reports to the Head of Chemical Research. Company: Nalu Bio is a biotech company creating a new category of chemistry-based cannabinoids for the consumer and pharmaceutical markets. Nalu Bio has developed a proprietary cannabinoid chemical synthesis platform that will set a new industry standard for pure, consistent, and quality cannabinoids. Our innovative chemistry will solve many of the quality and consistency issues that plague cannabis-derived products currently. We have a world-class team highly experienced in healthcare, chemistry, cannabinoids, consumer packaged goods, and drug development. The Role: We are seeking a well-organized, highly motivated, and detail-oriented chemist. This role will work directly with the Head of Chemical Research to manage the research laboratory, its equipment, and the portfolio of research programs. If you have sound judgment, great time operational and management skills, we want to hear from you! Position Summary The successful candidate will be responsible for performing a variety of lab operations duties including, including but not limited to: ● Maintains workflow with respect to sample processing, testing activities, cleanup and proper disposal of waste. ● Ensure chromatographic data is being reviewed and interpreted correctly and reported accurately for all client samples ● Manages CRMs and chemical standards, inventory, storage, record keeping and documentation in LIMs software ● Monitors laboratory inventory of supplies and consumables, prepares orders for approval. ● Perform required experiments to accurately determine updated LODs and LOQs for chromatographic instrumentation ● Performs analytical instrument calibration, maintenance and troubleshooting as well as documentation of activities and interactions with onsite technicians as necessary. ● Investigate best practices and perform research & method development to improve existing assays ● Assist in preparing for lab audits and reviews to ensure compliance with changing regulations. ● Assists with laboratory testing, data collection, and reporting. ● Performs experiments and/or research activities as directed. Nalu Bio, Inc. - - 38 Keyes Avenue, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94129 ● Adheres to the established security procedures of the laboratory. ● Working within local regulations and guidelines, staying current on lab rules. ● Serving as Lab Safety Officer, reviewing Chemical Health & Safety plan, ensuring staff is trained and up to date on safety protocols and procedures. ● Performs other duties as assigned. The Ideal Candidate: ● Bachelor of Science in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering or related field N ● 4+ years hands-on experience with analytical instrumentation; HPLC, GC-MS, GC-FID, ICP-MS, LC-MS/MS. Not all are required, but the more the better. ● Ability to interpret data, perform analytical calculations and understand nuances of spectra analysis and interpretation. ● Strong organizational and problem-solving skills ● Willing to train and take on various other lab duties as needed for business growth and development. ● ISO 17025 accreditation and documentation experience ● Analytical method development and process validation experience ● Quality Control or Quality Management Systems documentation experience including Corrective/Preventative Action processes and ● Lab management experience Why It’s Great to Work Here We work at Nalu Bio because we want to elevate the quality, consistency, and reliability of cannabinoids on the market through chemistry. We are driven by the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids and we believe consumers and companies deserve safer, more reliable products that improve everyday life. In addition to our deep sense of purpose, we love working here because: ● We are an innovative, collaborative, young company: we believe in partnerships, collaboration, and honesty so that we act fast, efficiently, and smart. ● Flexibility of hours: While we do have core hours for teamwork, we have kids, we work across time zones, and savor our morning workouts. ● Employee Equity Plan: We want our employees to be invested in the company, and can participate in our employee equity plan. Nalu Bio, Inc. - - 38 Keyes Avenue, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94129 Interested or know of a great candidate? Contact Markus Roggen at

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