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Ultra-pure cannabinoids
you can trust

For retail and pharmaceutical products

Nalu Bio is the leading innovator in the discovery and production of next generation cannabinoid ingredients

Raising the standard of cannabinoid ingredients


Each batch of our ultra-pure cannabinoid ingredients are molecularly identical and quality assured— there is no variability


99.9% pure isolate means no THC, no pesticides, no heavy metal contamination, and no worries


Available at commercial scale to meet the volume your growing products demand


Our proprietary manufacturing process is easy on the environment—conserving land, water, and energy resources


Our goal is to create safe, effective and predictably performing cannabinoid-derived ingredients that will improve the health and wellness of all those in need:

By delivering high quality, consistent, scalable, and sustainable ingredients for use in retail and pharmaceutical products

By expanding the known therapeutic potential of cannabinoids through scientific validation, including well-controlled clinical trials

Nalu Bio offers worry-free CBD


of CBD products don't meet quality of claim standards


of CBD products aren't labeled accurately

of CBD products contain pesticides



of hemp-based CBD products had lead above the regulatory limit

CBD product recalls due to THC, heavy metal, or pesticide contamination can cost millions.
Make sure you're really using ultra-pure CBD.


Cannabinoid derivatives could help address the opioid crisis

Pain therapeutics are a $70B market with significant unmet clinical need

More people live with chronic pain than cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined

142 million opioid prescriptions were dispensed in 2020

1 in 3 patients misuse opioids for chronic pain

136 people die every day from opioid overdose

Nalu Bio offers a complimentary 10g sample for product manufacturers
interested in testing our Ultra-pure CBD.

Samples are exclusive to industry partners and not for consumers.

Request a sample of Nalu Bio Ultra-pure CBD today

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