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Accelerating the potential of cannabinoids for the health of people and the planet

Our proprietary pipeline of no-high cannabinoids for pain, anxiety, sleep, and weight management harnesses the power of chemistry and predictive AI modeling for global CPG companies.

Organic chemistry scales the power of nature

Vitamins, caffeine, and aspirin, all originally came from the plant and now are chemically derived.

It’s time to do the same for cannabinoids to ensure:



Each batch of quality-assured, non-variable cannabinoids is molecularly identical to the plant


Purity + Safety

Guaranteed THC- and contaminant-free for no-high products without heavy metals, pesticides, or lead


Global Scalability

Manufactured in a GMP facility with a scalable proprietary process unlike plant extraction



700x less land, 70x less water, and 14x less energy than plant extraction    


Industry first: enhancing cannabinoid efficacy through
AI-powered bioactive combinations

With market demand and cultural acceptance of cannabinoids on the rise, we’re taking the industry to the next level with artificial intelligence (AI) technology.


Predictive AI modeling helps us identify the scientifically top-ranked bioactives—vitamins, protein, fiber, antioxidants, probiotics, and superfoods—to combine with our cannabinoids for maximum health and wellbeing benefits.


We’re solving the world’s top health and wellness challenges with data-driven and efficacious formulations that work with a wide range of products and categories, including:


• Food + Beverages

• Beauty + Skincare
Vitamins + Supplements

The variability of nature...solved

Cannabinoids derived from organic chemistry provide the ability to scale health and wellness products globally.


of plant-derived cannabinoid products don't meet quality of claim standards. Organic chemistry solves that.


of plant-derived cannabinoid products aren't labeled accurately. Organic chemistry solves that.


of plant-derived cannabinoid products contain pesticides. Organic chemistry solves that.


Up to 8% of hemp-based CBD products have lead above the regulatory limit. Organic chemistry solves that.


New breakthrough category for health +

While there are many benefits to our no-high, chemistry-derived cannabinoids, solving for pain is where our business started. More people live with chronic pain than with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined. Today, we stand at the forefront of innovation, ready to collaborate with industry leaders to solve many health and wellness challenges, including pain, anxiety, sleep, and weight management.

The therapeutic aspect of our business, which focuses on producing New Chemical Entities to serve as the foundation for safe and effective advanced therapies for patients, is tailored for the pharmaceutical industry.


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