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Interested in using Nalu Bio cannabinoids in your research study?

Rooted in science: Unlocking the potential of chemistry-derived cannabinoids and derivatives

A new class of molecules for a new pharmaceutical horizon

Nalu Bio is developing cannabinoid-inspired therapeutics. Explore the future of cannabinoids with Nalu Bio, where cutting-edge science meets thought leadership. Imagine a world where our first-line medications are inspired by nature, are more efficacious, work better and have fewer side effects. Our proprietary, flexible chemistry platform allows us to mimic naturally occurring cannabinoids and develop new chemicalentities (NCE). 

These NCEs aim to increase druggability, safety, and efficacy, while potentially reducing side effects in some of the most in-demand medication on the market.


With our proprietary platform approach, Nalu Bio is developing a pipeline of New Chemical Entities for investigation across a number of conditions including pain management, opioid dependence, and mental health disorders.


Making large-scale research possible

The true value of consistent cannabinoid manufacturing lies in the ability to perform clinical studies and finally collect the data needed to realize the full therapeutic potential of cannabinoid derivatives. Nalu Bio is setting a new standard for the development of a reliable, scalable source of ultra-pure cannabinoids. This breakthrough will enable the clinical studies needed to unleash the full therapeutic potential of CBD and other derivatives.

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