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Interested in using Nalu Bio cannabinoids in your research study?

Data-Driven Cannabinoids and Derivatives


Leveraging science and thought leadership to discover the next generation of cannabinoids

Nalu Bio has created a proprietary platform that uses organic synthesis to produce consistent, scalable, and cost-effective cannabinoids with no inter-batch variability. With its platform approach, Nalu Bio has undertaken the development of a pipeline of cannabinoid derivatives for investigation across a number of conditions including pain management, opioid dependence, and mental health disorders.


Making large-scale research possible

The true value of consistent cannabinoid manufacturing lies in the ability to perform clinical studies and finally collect the data needed to realize the full therapeutic potential of cannabinoids derivatives. Nalu Bio is setting a new standard for the development of a reliable, scalable source of ultra-pure cannabinoids.  This breakthrough will enable the clinical studies needed to unleash the full therapeutic potential of CBD and other derivatives.


This is just the beginning

A world-class team of Nalu Bio research partners is currently synthesizing an extensive library of cannabinoid derivatives. With the proprietary platform chemistry developed by Nalu Bio, researchers are now equipped to isolate novel molecules and investigate a range of new therapeutic applications for these derivatives, including pain management and reducing use and dependence on opioids.


Addressing the opioid crisis through cannabinoids

One therapeutic area of intense focus for Nalu Bio is the opioid epidemic, which remains a crippling crisis in the US, with 142 million prescriptions written to treat the 30% of Americans living with chronic pain. Many of these patients become dose-tolerant, requiring higher opioid doses to achieve the same level of pain relief. The result is that 1 in 3 patients are driven to misuse opioids, resulting in 128 deaths per day.

Speaking about his personal experience on the front lines of the opioid epidemic, Dr. Dino Beckett notes, "There is a lot of promise with CBD. Observational studies have shown that it can reduce drug cravings and anxiety in patients being weaned off opioids, and I've seen that in my practice. A synthetic CBD is an outstanding breakthrough, because it assures purity and predictable dose-to-dose performance, which finally allows us to study it in controlled trials."

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