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worry-free cannabinoids

Manufactured through our proprietary scientific platform, Nalu Bio ultra-pure cannabinoids are:

Always 100% free from THC

Predictably consistent isolate with no batch-to-batch variability

No pesticides or heavy metals used in production

Produced in quality-assured facilities

Certified and authenticated with traceability for every batch

Odorless and tasteless, delivered in pure powder form

Gluten-free and approved for halal and kosher product labeling

Sustainable and eco-friendly with a production process that conserves land, water, and energy resources

Consistently meeting your global supply chain needs for all product categories:


Food, edibles, and supplements:
mints, gummies, and chocolates


Beauty and skincare:
oils, creams, and lotions


Bath and body:
salves, balms, and salts


functional beverages, teas, and seltzers

Nalu Bio offers a complimentary 10g sample for product manufacturers interested in testing our Ultra-pure CBD.

Samples are exclusive to industry partners and not for consumers.

Request a sample of Nalu Bio Ultra-pure CBD today 

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